Mattea - Home in North Bay, WI

Mattea & Celeste playing in Lake Michigan

Mattea on pontoon boat

Mattea's sister, Celeste

by Linda & Kevin Silvasi-Kelly

When we decided to adopt an Airedale from ATRA we started to read through the many descriptions of dogs that need a home. A male had caught our eye, but his foster mom decided to keep him so we decided on a a different male. It turned out that foster family decided to keep him.  About a month later Paula called and said, "We have a little girl for you."  Well, until this point we were thinking "senior male."  The dog she had was a female between two and four years old.  It took a little while to decide and then said, "Yes!"
Late in June through driving rain and thunder and lightening, we picked up Maddge just north of Green Bay, WI. She started out early in Paris, KY and finally arrived at her forever home about 9 pm.
She is a loving, gentle girl.  We can't figure out why somebody would neglect, abuse, or not want her. This is a very easy dog to own.
When she came to us she had recently been clipped. We wee told she was found matted and full of burrs. Her skin was flaky and dry and her coat was grey and beige.  After a few weeks of a good, holistic food plus Solid Gold Seameal (a great supplement with vitamins, minerals, and essential fatty acids) her skin cleared up and her coat turned a silky black and tan.
She has been formally renamed Mattea of North Bay.  Initially, she did not know any commands but now knows SIT, SHAKE, and STAY.  At first she chased our three cats ruthlessly but now respects them as part of the family.  She especially loves our tiny Calico, Pappi, and will share her dog bed with her and affectionately lick her as her own puppy!
She gets along really well with her eight year old sister, Celeste, and they are now inseparable.
We are working on some bad habits such as stealing food from the table, chewing throw pillows, and snacking from the litter pan.
She walks well on a leash and we go on several long walks daily.  We wonder if she was used as a hunting dog because her drive to chase animals and follow a trail is very strong. She will even stay and "point" with ears straight out like a helicopter!
We live on the shore of Lake Michigan and have a good deal of land she can explore.  She likes the water and has gone swimming and boating.
You can tell how content she is at her new forever home. She seems very relaxed and comfortable here.  We love her and she has quickly become one of our family.