A Happy Ending in Sight for Molly

Molly with her favorite ball.

by Priscilla Lundblad

Sadly, Molly was surrendered to rescue by her family because she had attacked her Airedale sister twice in two years. The second occurrence was much worse than the first one.  I brought her home with me to evaluate her.  I discovered that she was one of the most frightened, unsocialized dogs I had ever met. She would hide in a dark corner of the room she was in and shake if anyone went near her.  Walking her was just as traumatic.  I think she thought the leash was something I was going to hit her with because she would cower and shake every time she saw it.  I finally had to ask our veterinarian for an appetite stimulant because she refused to eat because she was too afraid.
I kept her separated from our dogs with a gate but it seemed like she wanted to be with them. She would tip her head and listen whenever she heard them and her tail would sometimes go up on the rare occasion she saw them. So I decided to introduce her to them one at a time. She seemed to come out of her shell a bit when she was around them.  I closely supervised the visits and did not witness any aggression on her part.  And then one day, totally unprovoked, she attacked one our dogs.  I could not believe it.
I decided to put her on the website hoping there would be someone out there without another dog in their home and with the patience to care for Molly.  I seriously wondered if such a home existed considering the extent of her paranoia and fear in addition to her occasional aggressive behavior towards other dogs.
Then I heard from Ed Gannon.  He called to ask about another dog I had placed on the website and I told him about Molly.  Ed is a widower who lives alone without other pets.  He has had Airedales for many years and had lost his last one to illness last May.  He came over to meet Molly and decided he would like to adopt her even though she would not get within a couple of feet of him she was so fearful.  I called Ed's veterinarian for a reference and explained Molly's issues and they told me they thought I could not find a more patient, caring person than Ed and they felt he would be good for Molly.
It's been two months since Ed adopted her and I have stayed in touch with him on a regular basis regarding Molly's progress.  Each update I have received from him has been more optimistic and hopeful than the last.  Molly still has a long way to go but is beginning to trust Ed. The following is part of Ed's most recent email to me about Molly:
“Just a little update on Molly.  I think she has finally decided maybe I am not so bad after all.  We are getting along pretty well now.  She looks forward to her morning walk and lets me know when it is time to go. She is eating good now but still does most of her eating in the middle of the night. With all the people around because my roof is being replaced, she wants to be pretty close to me. She is still uncomfortable around other people but I think it will take some time for her to get over that.  Here is a photo of her with a ball.  It is almost too big for her, but she loves it.”
Ed takes Molly out very early in the morning to avoid running into other people as she is so frightened by them. He also discovered Molly loves to ride so he takes her with him whenever possible.  She is still haunted by many of her demons but is making progress to rid herself of them. Thanks to Ed, Molly has a good chance for what seemed almost impossible in the beginning - a happy ending.