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Matching Donation Challenge
Matching Donation Challenge  We have two very generous supporters who put forth this challenge:
"I will match each donation up to $4500 made during the month of December 2013!!"

Wow, that means every dollar donated through this challenge will be matched dollar for dollar up to $4500. 
Dig into your pockets folks and see how much you can spare.  If we can collectively raise $4500, our very generous supporters will match it and that will be $9,000 for our Rescue Airedales.

Some really big bucks have been pledged for new Airedales in need.
How much can you spare? Open your pockets for the 'dales that we feed.
Give what you can from five bucks to one grand.  
Open up those purse strings and lend ATRA a hand!

Challenge ends on December 31, 2013.

Change your Base $ amount by clicking on the arrow next to the $5 below.  You can then optionally change the quantity to up to 10 times the base amount selected by clicking the arrow just below the base $ amount, next to the "1".  Once you have your base $ and quantity set to the appropriate values, simply click on "Add to Cart" and check out.

Weight 0.00 lbs
Price: $5.00

Change Base Amount by clicking the arrow>>>

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