Suzie's Two Dads

My wife Laurie and I have rescued three senior Airedales over the past several years.  We began with our regal and champion-lineage Barney, then took in our goofy mixed Airedale Toby, and now we have purebred Suzie, who enjoys a unique situation that we would like to share.
10-year-old Suzie, her owner Larry, and his wife Ann, faced a situation not unfamiliar to those of us who take in rescue animals.  Larry and his wife needed to downsize from a single family home with a backyard, to a condo with no place for Suzie to play.  Suzie was a young dog rescue for Larry and Ann.  They were heartsick to give up Suzie and worried about an uncertain future for her.
As it happens, Larry and Ann own a Pack-and-Ship business near our home and Laurie frequented them to mail packages from Laurie’s home-based medical illustration business.  When Larry shared his story, Laurie got an idea.  We had just lost Toby a month earlier, and although we were heartsick over our loss, Suzie might just cure our blues.  What makes this situation unique is that because Suzie was so close to Larry, and we were near their business, all agreed that Larry should still visit Suzie whenever he wanted.
That was two years ago.   Each Saturday, weather permitting, Larry takes Suzie to the dog park to play and be with “Dad #1.”  I am the proud “Dad #2” and take Suzie to Larry and Ann’s business when the weather and schedules don’t cooperate.  Suzie now has the best of both worlds, a fond connection with her past, and second owners who also love her, give her a big dog bed, and a backyard where she can play and bark to the world that she is happy.
The photo shows Denny on the left and Larry on the right.  Suzie, of course, is our happy Airedale in the middle!
Denny Esford


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