Scrawny Charlie Pope

Written by Dennis and Kay Pope

ATRA Folks - please take a look at what has happened to scrawny little Charlie that we adopted last August. At that time he weighed about 55 pounds and had a severe infection on his back at the base of his tail. The infection was eliminated several months ago. He accompanied our 13 year old to the vet a week ago simply to get an accurate weight - 75.8 pounds. It appears his best weight will be somewhere in the low 70s. Charlie has a very pleasant personality and shows immense affection towards us. Considering his previous life and treatment it is simply amazing. The indomitable spirit of Airedales would be worth taking note of as a model for humanity.

Charlie has not been destructive. Occasionally he'll sample a waste basket or select his own quilt material from the quilting room, but all told, he wouldn't be an Airedale sans this behavior. He has several toys and bones that occupy his playful and gnawing urges. He loves the snow. When we let him out in the backyard, if we stay behind at the door to watch him, he will come back to the door and wait for us. When we go out with him and there is snow on the ground he will jump and leap like a bucking bronco and make high speed passes at us and snowplow with his nose. He really needs a playmate. Rosie has difficulty walking let alone playing with him. He does his business outside on a regular basis now. Occasionally he will tell us when he wants out. New noises that he doesn't know the origin of still frighten him. He has become used to many noises since we have had him. He will attack the vacuum cleaner that he used to run from. The blender and the coffee grinder are tolerated now. The washer and dryer are not a problem. Many noises out of doors are now tolerated. He may never totally overcome this fright of strange noises, but it may slowly ebb.

Charlie's bed pad is next to our bed. Occasionally he will sleep in our bed, but usually he sleeps on his bed or in the closet. When we awake in the morning if he is not in bed with us, we will invite him in bed. He will overwhelm one of us with his affectionate greeting by burying his head in our neck or face or chest. He doesn't realize how strong he is and we have to protect ourselves as he grinds into us. We have not seen this behavior before. Charlie just seems to be so happy with his state of affairs. 


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