Levi Harrison

The first time I saw Lobo on ATRA's web site and read his story, he touched my heart. Since he was in Kentucky and I am in Michigan, I didn't think I could have him. After waiting on another "Dale" and inquiring on three others, I finally told Barb Oimas that I would like to have Lobo. Lobo was said to be an eight year old senior, who had been in two homes (not good!), before ending up with his wonderful foster dad, Ken Wieting of Kentucky. Arrangements were finally made and Lobo, Ken and I met in Ohio. Lobo was mine!

First thing on the agenda was to change his name. He is now known as "Levi".  On his first visit to the Vet, it turned out that instead of being eight years old he was only six.

The joy of this wonderful "dale" was something to behold. On the first night I put a crate up for him (just in case he wanted it). He walked right into it, suddenly realized "Hey! there's no door on this thing!" and walked in and out a few times and then walked out, never to look back (the crate got removed). The next day, I took him out to the (fenced) yard. Apparently, never having seen one before, he looked at me and then the yard, over and over. Finally I said "Go ahead." and off he went on a new adventure running around and round, until he made me dizzy, Just like the puppy he was never allowed to be, he finds excitement and happiness in everything new that he sees and learns.  Now, in his forever home, he is indeed a happy camper!

My friends tell Levi he is lucky to have me as his mom as I spoil him rotten. As I look at that sweet face, asleep on the couch in such happiness and contentment, I realized I am the lucky one. He is truly a blessing.

Peg Harrison 


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