Lexxy and Merle Baudhuin

Merle is my first adoptee, a beautiful six year old male.  I already had Lexxy, a 2 ' year old female who needed a buddy.  Merle was kept out in a kennel his whole life because he was too big to be in the house.  I wasn't sure if he was house broken, but the first day he arrived he followed my Lexxy out the doggie door straight into his new back yard.  I was a little worried about training a six year old to use a doggy door, but we all know how smart  'Dales are.  The day after I received Merle we had quite an event.  He slipped past my mother when she came down to visit and got out.  Merle was gone for five hours.  I had fifteen cars out around town with cell phones calling in sightings and also the police involved.  I had to call Aire-rescue (ATRA) and let them know what happened and I really felt like a failure.  I got close to him once, but I couldn't get him in the truck.  I had taken his collar off because I thought it was too tight, so I had nothing to grab.  It was getting colder (about 6 degrees) and late (around 6:00).  I had been crying all day while passing out turkey deli meat to everyone to try and see if we could lure him into someone's car.  He obviously must have been pretty tired, because the last time I got close to him I opened up the truck and just asked him to get in.  He jumped right in.  I hugged him and tried to warm him up immediately.  Merle never even tries to go out the door anymore.  He loves his treats, his sister and sprawling on the furniture (which has always been covered with sheets due to the fact that I already had Lexxy.  Merle sleeps in bed with us sometimes, unless he is hot, then he sleeps on the floor next to me on his doggy bed.  I have only had him for five months now, but it seems like he has been with me forever.  He even cries when I leave and sits by the window waiting for me.  I know Aire-rescue is always grateful to those of us who take in an Airedale and give them a good home, but I thank Aire-rescue for bringing me Merle.  Merle is most definitely my son and will always be a member of my family.  

A couple of weeks after Christmas, one of the girls who works with me asked me if I knew anyone who wanted an Airedale.  She knew that I had just gone through rescue for Merle and that I was a huge Airedale lover.  I told her that I just received Merle a couple of weeks ago and couldn't take on a third but that I knew someone that wanted one badly.  I had mentioned to Irl Sinclair that my sister wanted to get a rescue, but she didn't have a fenced-in yard.  Since she is having one installed this spring, we figured we would wait until then and see what was available. 

Anyway, the brother of a girl, that used to work with me, died over Christmas.  He had rescued an Airedale (Murphy) and a mixed breed from the pound the day that they were to be euthanized.  Six months after he had Murphy, a lady came to his house and told him that he had her dog. However when she found out that the dog was neutered, she didn't want him anymore as she was only using him as a stud.  

The brother lived in New Mexico and his mother was able to keep the smaller dog but wasn't able to take Murphy.  I contacted the girl directly and told her that no matter what, I wanted Murphy.  She flew down and we received Murphy immediately.  He was a mess.  He couldn't have had a haircut in over a year and was always kept outside on a chain, never cleaned up.  I couldn't believe the clumps all over him and the fact that he could hardly see through the long hair. 

My sister had already made a groomer appointment and a vet appointment for Saturday morning.  I wanted to go to the vet appointment with her, so I went over on Saturday morning with her to pick him up from the groomer and go to the vet.  We needed to have him groomed before he went to the vet or the vet wouldn't have been able to check anything. There was so much hair!!!  When I saw him come out all cleaned up I just started crying.  He was so beautiful.  He has a perfect build and was so much happier, that even his eyes were lighting up! 

The vet check went very well.  He was behind in a few of the shots and my sister took care of that.  Every day she thanks me for finding her such a wonderful son, who keeps her so entertained.  She also has a golden retriever/black lab mix who is around nine now.  He is in a cast because he did something to his leg.  Murphy is so gentle with him. 

Murphy is only 4 years old, but seems to be a bit mellower than my Merle.  One less Airedale for you guys to worry about.  Once again every time that I write I have to thank ATRA for my son.  I can't wait until I can get him to the groomer and see how beautiful he will look with an Airedale cut.  With the weather running way below zero right now, it will be some time. 

 It's funny, Merle will go outside, do his job and come right back in.  Lexxy, who is leaner, will stay out there and play all day if I don't yell at her to get in the house.  She continually sits outside calling her brother to come and play. I believe Merle thinks she's crazy!         

Love from all of us,
Patti, Lexxy and Merle


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