Sandy and Jessie Nabb

We adopted Sandy in July of 2006 and would like to say that our Sandy is living the life of Riley now. We live near Kenora, Ontario in Canada at the Lake of The Woods and have had Sandy for about 9 months now. We've included a picture of our Jessie sitting on the ice watching Sandy as she schnufflates in the snow. Both are approximately eight years old. They both get along well and keep themselves busy getting into anything they can; as all Airedales do!!! They love the frozen lake with it's wide open spaces and all the snow.

Both Nicole and I would like to thank ATRA for your work and to let you know that the system works!   People like Paula, our contact person, are without a doubt at the top of our list for making a difference in Sandy's, Jessie's and our life. God knows dogs are people too and everyone needs a home and to be loved. Thank God someone can be there for our friends that give us unconditional love. You at ATRA should be proud for the wonderful work that you do.

Thank you on behalf of Sandy,
John and Nicole Nabb


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