written by Connie Versagi

It’s hard enough on us girls when we get past a certain age, but then to have a bad haircut, a few health issues and a crazy foreign object in your stomach, good grief.  That’s what had transpired for a beautiful girl named Tasha when I first heard about her.

After being a lifetime companion Tasha was surrendered because her humans didn’t have time for her anymore at the age of 9.  No way to treat a best friend, but sadly as we know, it happens. 

After coming into ATRA Tasha had a tumor removed from her ear.  This resulted in the first of her crazy haircuts.  The surgery went well, Tasha was on the road to recovery.  Some families even began showing interest in adopting her.  Things were looking up.

Suddenly Tasha who came into rescue at 75 pounds, began losing weight and having blood in her stool.  She was soon down to a mere 50 pounds.  It was obvious that it was time for more tests.  Something else was going on.

Being the grand dame and fine lady that she is, Tasha retained her loving spirit while undergoing tests to rule out such things as cancer.  Finally she underwent exploratory abdominal surgery.  Now she had become the poster child for bad haircuts. 

During this surgery, there was one very obvious problem identified by the vet.  One that didn’t need any fancy test to tell us it had been causing problems – a 3 inch long piece of feed corn corncob in her belly.  It had to be left over from her life with her previous owners.  Repeat after me, Tasha, you are an Airedale, not a cow!

At this point Tasha’s vet is remaining positive and a hypoallergenic diet and steroids are being tried in the hopes that things in her digestive tract will begin to show improvement. 

Tasha definitely agrees, enough tests, poking and hair shaving.  Her spirit never wavered once during all of this.  She keeps a wagging tail, hands out lots of kisses and just wants to get better and find a forever home.  With her absolutely gorgeous soft brown eyes, I bet it will be easy to find a family that would love to have her.  The spring in her walk is back since her surgery.  Everyone is pulling for Tasha to have a full recovery.

Tasha’s ATRA foster home has done a remarkable job of caring for her through all of this ordeal.  The rest of us can do our part to help too, by sending a donation to help defray the costs for Tasha’s care.  Tell us your donation is for Tasha and we will see to it that it goes directly to help covering these expenses.  Thank you.

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