The Adventures of Murdoc  

(A/K/A  Scruffy)


The adoption certificate for Scruffy came in the mail in November. Our boy came to us in October with the name of Scruffy. We decided that the name was not fitting for him, as he was not very “scruffy” as we saw it…so we changed his name to Murdoc (after Murdoc on the A-Team as Mike is a fan of that show)!  Murdoc was a surprise wedding gift for his new Mom, and a great one at that!


At first, he had some anxiety but over the last month he settled in and we can tell he loves his new home.  Murdoc loves to chew his bone or toys and likes to show them to us first thing when we get home. He’s very proud of them!  Especially his stuffed chicken, which now has a flat leg and a broken wing.  He loves kids and likes his cat brother a little too much…he just wants to snuggle and love everything he comes into contact with!


We have been working with an obedience trainer and Murdoc is learning how to behave better everyday.  He still suffers from selective hearing disorder, like most Airedales, but is learning how to sit and stay and not chase the cat!!   He’s very pushy when we have food or are cooking in the kitchen. He will counter surf if we turn away for a second.  We aren’t sure what he favored more… the cupcake or the packets of chili seasoning he ate. We laugh at all the silly things he does every day!


He has brought so much joy to our lives.  We are as happy to see him at the end of the day, as he is to see us.  He wakes us up every morning with a big Airedale smile and a hug!


Thanks ATRA for everything, we are so excited and proud of our new family member. He is a wonderful addition! We hope you enjoyed Murdoc's story.


Meredith and Mike Stacy


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