Joplin Ty

written by Connie Versagi

If this isn’t one of the sweetest faces around, I don’t know what is.  This is Joplin Ty, a boy who has had a rough start to 2006, but is planning on smooth sailing from here on out.

Joplin Ty was rescued by ATRA from a shelter.  He is a happy one year old boy.  His owner had turned him in for reasons unknown.  He even had very good manners for his age.  ATRA was excited to step in and get the ball rolling on getting him into Rescue. 

During his trip to his foster home, what looked like a relatively easy rescue took a sudden turn.  There was an unfortunate and very serious car accident.  Luckily the volunteer who was transporting JT was not seriously hurt in this terrible roll over accident.  However, her own Airedale who came along for the ride and JT were both thrown from the vehicle.

Thankfully the volunteer’s Airedale was unhurt.  She was found beside the road, confused and dazed, but mercifully checked out fine.  Joplin Ty sadly did not fare as well.  Vet assistance was called to the scene of the accident when he was found laying on the ground.  The vet at the scene feared he was dead.  He was alive, but in shock and a great deal of pain.  He was hooked to I.V.’s at the scene and transported for emergency care.   X-rays showed that JT had suffered severe pelvis area fractures.  He needed to go to an orthopedic specialist for surgery.

The next day ATRA volunteers picked him up, after he was well sedated, and transported this wonderful guy to the specialist.  His surgery entailed repairing a fractured, splintered bone.  It was originally thought than a femoral head ostectomy would be needed, but the talented surgeon who worked on him was able to reconstruct the two fractures and put the femoral head back in the socket.  His surgery went very well.

Joplin Ty also suffered some liver damage and chest trauma that is expected to heal as he is mending from his broken bones.  For the next six weeks JT has to forget about being a one year old Airedale and remain quiet.  Probably the toughest part of the healing process.  But then, it will hopefully not be long before this great kid gets a forever home, and all that has happened will be a distant memory.

The ATRA guardian angels were definitely watching over all in the car that fateful day. For that we are thankful.  Also we are thankful for the guardian angels who provide donation dollars so that ATRA can respond when a great dog like this needs help.

UPDATE  7-06

Hello, Everyone, it’s me, Joplin Ty.  My new name is TJ.  I’m so happy to be back to my old self again, running, jumping and playing.  I am healing wonderfully.  There is a possibility I may have issues down the road, but for now I feel great, and that’s all that matters to me.

I have a forever home now and my new mom & dad love me to pieces.  I go for walks in the park and have occasionally been seen teasing the ducks and geese.  Just can’t help myself. 

Thanks to all who made donations to help with my medical expenses and getting me  this new lease on life.  It feels so good to finally be home.

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