Maxx and Lobo

written by Connie Versagi

2006: The Year of the Senior

Did you know that 2006 is the Year of the Senior with ATRA?  It certainly is, and so there is no better time to spotlight a couple of our seniors who need homes.

Our first senior looking for a forever home to call his own is Maxx.  As you can see from his picture, wow, what a good looking boy.  The last few years have not been easy for Maxx.  He was an ATRA rescue ‘dale back in 2004.  He was placed with a family who was very excited to get him.  Unfortunately, the family situation changed, and due to a divorce Maxx was left behind with a man working lots of hours and no help caring for him.  Maxx was put in the basement to live and stayed there for quite some time.  His isolation and loneliness were things we are sure he didn’t understand.  He had not done anything bad to deserve to be treated this way.  He was miserable.

Finally the man called ATRA and Maxx was taken back into rescue.  He was very glad to leave his days alone in the basement behind him.  He loves to be with a family.  He is currently in an ATRA foster home, at the age of 10, playing with the resident Airedales and hoping that someone will give him a wonderful place to call home that will truly be his forever home.  You couldn’t go wrong with this guy as an addition to your family.


Next we have Lobo.  He is eight-and-a-half years young.  He is happy and healthy and ready to play, making up for lost time.  You see, Lobo’s existence prior to ATRA was one that is all too familiar, unfortunately.  He was left outside all day in a very small  enclosure with a dog house, rain or shine.  The enclosure was dirt – that is when it wasn’t raining and turned to mud.  So we were told, Lobo got to come in the house at night, to sleep in a crate.  The lack of exercise and being left out in the elements had left Lobo with infections in both of his ears that were so bad he could not stop shaking his head for more than a moment.  He had scratched one ear until it was raw and bleeding.

Now that Lobo is in an ATRA foster home, he enjoys nothing more than coming over to his foster dad and putting his head in his lap.  He is so grateful for a place to belong and be comfortable.  He loves people and lots of attention.  No more staying out in a small enclosure for Lobo, thank you very much.  He is looking for a family who wants a full-time companion to be part of the action.  At this time it has become imperative that ATRA find him a forever home soon, as his current foster situation has an alpha male in it and it would be best to separate the boys.  Lobo would love to be an only dog for his retirement years, or possibly have an older female Airedale companion.

Both of these senior boys are young at heart and just full of love to give a family.  There is one lesson that you will learn by taking in one of these seniors.  They will teach you about letting go of the past and living with joy and abandon in the here and now.  They will show you what a precious gift a few years with the best dog you will ever own can be.  They will fill your heart and life like they have always been there, and when they are gone, you will not be able to remember your life before them.

If you want to enrich your family by giving one of our senior boys a forever home, we would love to hear from you.


Both of these boys have found a wonderful home.  Thank-you!

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