Books to Assist

"Second Hand Dog"

by Carol Lea Benjamin

This funny and insightful book will inspire you and give you practical advice for working with your rescue dog. We especially like her method of a gentle but firm hand -- just right for Airedales.

"Help For Your Shy Dog"

by Deborah Wood

Contrary to popular belief, shyness in dogs is not always because of abuse.  It can also be caused by lack of socialization as a young dog.  This book gives good advice on how to help a shy dog overcome their fears and phobias.    

"The Dog Who Loved Too Much"

by Dr. Nicholas Dodman 

This book gives case histories of dogs seen in his practice at Tuft's University Veterinary Medicine School for more sever problem behaviors. He gives detailed plans for dealing with fear of thunderstorms, phobias, aggression, separation anxiety, and a host of others.

"Culture Clash"

by Jean Donaldson

Dismisses some of the theories about "alpha" thinking and behaviors on your dogs part.  Makes you rethink your relationship with your dog.  More in-depth advice for the person who's read basics of dog behavior.

"How To Be the Leader Of The Pack ....and have Your Dog Love You For It!"

by Dr. Patricia McConnell

Basic meat and potatoes of dog training in condensed 12-page pamphlet format.

"Don't Shoot the Dog"

by Karen Pryor

An advocate of clicker training gives sound advice on how to  effectively communicate commands to your dog to get results.

"Dog Behavior"

by Ian Dunbar

A well-respected author and dog trainer who advocates positive  reinforcement.

"Owner's Guide to Better Behavior in Dogs"

by William Campbell

More text on dog behavior for those who enjoy studying the subject  in-depth.