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This fundraiser is for the 2010 Packer Season starting in August 2010.


We have been offered to hand out the Packer souvenirs at one of the gates entering into Lambeau Field. We would move the boxes of items to the gates. Open up the boxes with the box cutters that they would provide. Stand by the boxes and when the patrons come through the gates, hand them the souvenir of the day.




1.  We have been offered 5 of the home games to work. This could be a Sunday Noon game, a Sunday 3 p.m. game, a Sunday evening game, a Monday night game. There are more than 5 home games but we have been offered only 5.

2.  The Packer Organization pays $600 per game to hand out the items. Remember there is no planning involved on this, no extra work, no stuff you need to do ahead of time.

3.  The parking cost is not paid by the Packer organization nor the Airedale or Greyhound group. There are places to park on the streets at no cost but you need to walk several blocks. There are parking places around the stadium. In 2009, we paid $10 per car.

4.  All the volunteer groups enter at one particular gate THREE hours prior to the game starting. You will go through security so do not bring any weapons on you.

5.  No dogs are allowed on the premises.

6.  Volunteers should be adults. Children can help but some children would not be able to stand for those three hours handing out items without getting bored or cold.

7.  Where you stand is inside the gates so you do have protection overhead. However it is not heated so plan accordingly.

8.  The gates are closed at kick-off. At that time, we take the boxes apart and move the remaining items and boxes back to the closets where we originally got the items.

9.  At that time you can leave or you can walk around Lambeau field. This does not include a ticket to the game so you will not be able to sit anywhere.

10. The Shawano County Humane Society has offered us this opportunity. They have two gates that they man at each game. They have had a difficult time getting enough volunteers to help with both gates during each game so they offered this opportunity to Airedale rescue. Airedale Rescue has also offered this to the Greyhound group to work together and both groups benefit. This is a very difficult gig to secure which is why the Shawano County Humane Society does not want to give up one of their gates. The payment comes at the end of the season to the Shawano County Humane Society. They in turn will pay us. I know the members on the Board and know there will not be a problem with payment to us.

11. This is all the information I can give you as this will be the first time at doing this so I have not experienced this personally. I need to let the Board of Directors know at Shawano County Humane Society if we are interested in helping with this or not by the end of March 2010.

12. Can you commit to one, two or all five games. We need to have the ability to have enough volunteers. Bring along a friend, co-worker, and relative. They don’t need to be a dog owner. Ask people who go to the game anyway if they can help us for one game for three hours instead of tailgating.


The Packer schedule is not out yet so I cannot tell you what games and what times. These 5 games also include pre-season but does not include the playoffs. If the Packers host a playoff game, that would be an additional game.


If you can help at any of the games and commit to them now or have any questions more than what I have covered here, please email Paula at