Mason Lipscomb 1999 - 2008

A piece of my heart died this morning when I said good-bye to my Mason.  He started having seizures at 3am on Thursday morning.  I rushed him to ER ... Mason's system began to shut down ... This was so far from the weekend I had planned.  Mason and I were supposed to be in Grove City at an agility trial.  He was supposed to finish his novice preferred titles.  We were supposed to have fun.  Mason was my "everything" dog.  I don't know how I'll go on without him but I'm sure I will.  It will just be a lot lonelier and very empty.  He would have turned 8 years old on 9/9. 

Janice Lipscomb

Ohio bids a sad farewell to:
Kingsmen Stone Mason CDX, RE, U-CD, MX, AXJ, AD, SG, SJ, OAC, TN-N, JHf.