Tucker's Final Break

Tucker began his journey to his forever home with us with a series of “breaks”.  His first “break” was when he broke free from the chain and padlock that was tethering him to his old life.  A life that consisted of being tied up outdoors and literally on “lock down”.  Tucker was missing all of his top front teeth and was underweight as well.  So one day, he decided to make a break for it!  He tore free the chains that were holding him back, and drug them behind him as he took off down a country road, unsure of what was ahead of him. 

Tucker’s next break came when a young college student found him. She knew right away he was escaping. He was in trouble and she wanted to help him.  Already he had found someone in this world that would not turn their back on him.  By coincidence this kind stranger called a vet’s office in tears, asking what to do with this poor boy.  That vet happened to be a favorite ATRA vet, Weddington Animal Hospital in Fayetteville, AR.  They told her they knew some nice folks that would help him, and they would get someone to come get him.

Tucker was missing a lot of the hair on the back of his legs and back, and the skin that was showing was dark and flaky.  One eye was running and the hair all matted around it.  All of his teeth between his canines, top and bottom, were gone.  One canine was broken, and he was very, very thin. 

Our Tucker’s biggest “break” came when Chris Bettis, ATRA coordinator in Little Rock, AR emailed Tucker’s “Spotlight on Rescue” information to my daughter in law Chelsea Lasey.  Chelsea and her husband have an Airedale of her own, Maggie, who I’d fallen completely in love with.  Chelsea had periodically been sending me postings from the ATRA site.  When Chelsea read Tucker’s story, she had a feeling that the vet’s office he was at was Weddington Animal Hospital.  She had worked at Weddington in the past, and they had been her family vet for years.  She knew they did extraordinary things and frequently helped out animals in need.  Chelsea found out that this was indeed where Tucker was staying, and she urged me to go out and visit him.  So I went out to visit with a comfy bed and some toys in hand.  From the first visit, I was completely in love with him.  He was so grateful and sweet.  The next day I brought him back to my house to play and was so broken hearted when I had to take him back to the vet.  That night I talked it over with my husband and we made the decision to make Tucker a part of our family! 

We brought him home the week of Thanksgiving, and couldn’t have asked for anything more amazing to be thankful for!  Since the day we brought him home our lives have been filled with a joy that we can’t even describe.  He has such an amazing personality.  He loves to go for walks and car rides, get his hair brushed, corral all his toys, and he especially loves playing with his furry cousins!  Jack and I are so thankful to have been so blessed to have him in our lives, and we are so thankful to ATRA.  All the time and effort you put in to finding foster homes and “forever homes” for these dogs is truly astounding.  You were so helpful to us during this entire process, and your true compassion for these animals shines through so brightly!  From taking their photos and sharing their stories to getting them exercise and veterinary care, we are all so indebted to you!  Thank you, thank you…. Forever! 

Sandy Lasey


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